Giving you alllll the delicious 4th of July recipes today!

smash burgers

Man oh man. The 4th will certainly be difference this year.

I mean it’s crazy that I usually feel like the 4th of July means the summer is half over and right now it feels like the summer hasn’t even began. Ha!

Whether you’re gathering in a small group of family and friends or just making a good meal for yourself, all of these recipes below should have you covered. I went through and picked out my absolute favorites!

4th of July Recipes

melon mosaic salad

You should definitely make the melon mosaic with hot honey vinaigrette!

veggie pizza

My mom’s veggie pizza is always a hit.

summer panzanella salad

I wait for this summer panzanella salad all year long.

blueberry summer salad

And this blueberry summer salad is a family fave.

grilled peach crostini

Basil butter crostini with burrata and peaches is perfect.

party mix

Make this snack mix with red, white and blue m&ms.

best ever veggie burger

My veggie burgers are the best ever!

smash burgers with house salad

These smash burgers with house sauce are to die for.

how to make a hot dog bar

Make a hot dog bar!

buffalo chicken sandwiches

Or these buffalo chicken sandwiches.

shrimp salad rolls

These shrimp salad rolls are so refreshing.

goat cheese guac burgers

And these goat cheese guac burgers are incredible.

strawberry pasta salad

This black pepper balsamic strawberry pasta salad is fantastic.

crispy bacon pasta salad

And we love this crispy bacon pasta salad with fresh herbs.

saucy baked beans

Plus, these saucy baked beans!

smoky blood orange ribs

Smoky blood orange BBQ ribs are to die for.

root beer BBQ sauce

So are these grilled ribs with root beer BBQ sauce!

sheet pans s'mores

Sheet pan s’mores are perfect for a crowd.

firecracker cupcakes

I love these firecracker cupcakes. They are so fun.

strawberry cobbler bars

Strawberry cobbler bars are the best!

blueberry slab pie

As is this blueberry slab pie.

no bake cheesecake tart

No bake cheesecake berry start tart!

watermelon frose

The holiday weekend is just calling for watermelon frosé.

orange crush

If you haven’t made an orange crush yet, it’s a must.

spicy watermelon sangria

And this spicy watermelon sangria!

What’s on your menu for the 4th of July weekend?