summer fridays

Back for round two of summer fridays! Here’s what’s happening this weekend.


There are so many delicious things I want to make this weekend. My grilled halloumi and vegetable skewers, my blueberry summer salad and these salted watermelon wedges. Also, speaking of salads, are you aware of my fixation with signature house salads? Here’s why I love them so much.


My most recent rosé guide at this point is slightly dated, but I still buy many of these brands and love their rosé this year too! Also, if you haven’t made a frozen gin & tonic yet… you must!


My summer pesto mini meatball soup. Everyone loves this one. Also want to do tomato picnic toasts!


My blueberry peach coffee cake is incredible. Also – my cookies and cream bars!


A fabulous summer’s night cheeseboard with all that rosé. Here are the cheeses I love to use on my boards!


My grilled zucchini with burrata and pine nuts is a fabulous summer side. And reeeeally want to make some grilled chicken nachos. Maybe sunday night!


To my summer 2022 country playlist! I make one of these every summer and love it. I haaaaated country music as a kid and it wasn’t until like… ten years ago or so that I really got into it. Now it’s my fave in the summer.


Just started Emily Giffin’s latest Meant To Be this week. I definitely had a book hangover from Every Summer After – OMG. One of my top books of the year!


For father’s day ideas! I got Eddie a whoop for Christmas and he LOVES it. After 6 months of use, I can say he hasn’t gone a day without wearing it. He never wanted an apple watch because of how clunky it is – but he loves the tracking of stacks. The whoop is incredible, much more simple on the wrist and tracks everything. It’s awesome.

I also am ordering a few of these table/cooler bars for our patio. How incredible are these? Table AND a daily use cooler. Whether it’s for seltzer, beer, juice boxes – I am obsessed with these.


Have you crossed over to Team Sling yet as your everyday handbag? I’ve been using an MZ Wallace sling now since the fall. It’s incredible and doesn’t bang into the stroller. This lululemon one is also the best – so lightweight, fits just enough and perfect when you’re running a quick errand or walking.


I tried the nightingale ice cream sandwiches after seeing them in Ashley Spivey’s IG stories for weeks. OMG. They are SO delicious. Eddie loved them – he is a huge ice cream sandwich person. These would also be an excellent father’s day gift.


A new reels this week for our favorite marinated grilled peppers with burrata. These are fantastic.


Our menu for next week (it’s a short week because we have a little trip!) and utilizing lots of my favorite summer side dishes.


My baby’s first birthday! I can’t believe that Jordan turns one this weekend. MIND BLOWN! Here is his birth story and you can find an entire year of him in all of my week in the life posts. It is so bittersweet. He is the most lovable little chunk and I wish I could bottle him up at this age forever. Where did this year go!?

summer fridays