Hello summer friday!


We are living for melon in this house. I love these watermelon wedges with blue cheese. Also my cantaloupe prosciutto skewers. They have lemon mint pesto!


Pinot grigio peach sangria. It’s soooo refreshing.


This BBQ shrimp avocado toast for lunch! And my peach burrata panzanella too.


Chocolate zucchini cake with chocolate cream cheese icing. I cannot handle it.


Crispy prosciutto and charred corn arugula salad. Corn is finally getting good around here! Also craving some grilled guac.


This vodka sauce pizza. Also can’t stop thinking of my creamy broccoli shells and cheese.


New playlist alert! Midsummer nights, hello.


Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow – I’m starting it today! Have you read it?


My kids are obsessed with water balloons. Eddie loathes cleaning them up so I cannot tell you my utter delight at finding these reusable water balloons. Of course they aren’t exactly like regular water balloons, but they are super fun. Last night the kids played with these outside for over an hour!


The Nordstrom sale is officially open to everyone now, so I’m sharing my list of everything I have and love and recommend. My top five would be the aura frame, the doona stroller, the barefoot dreams blanket, the pajamas and the simple human mirror. All also make amazing gifts! I am also dying over the summer MZ Wallace prints. I use my MZ Wallace bags for EVERYTHING. This palm print is stunning, the white holographic is gorgeous too and the neutral patchwork!! I cannot.


Um so there is apparently an amazon knock off of my favorite lulu top. Got it in black and will report back. Looks like the whole line is lulu knock offs which gives me all the mixed feels. How do they do it?!


A lot from this podcast on a midsummer pep talk. Yes please.


You can find a brand new recipe over on my instagram: grilled salmon and summer ravioli!


More lists from TIBAL’s clear the list campaign for teachers! You can find the list here. Use COMMAND F to search the document (seriously, it is large) for your local teachers, or buy from any list you’d like.


We’re headed to Cleveland this weekend! Whyyyy is this summer flying by…


My niece’s 5th birthday. It’s absolutely crazy she is already five!