The last week of 2022! I can’t even believe it.

Christmas week has been everything.

Started the week at Emilia’s school party where she was the prayer leader.

Got Jordy outside in Emilia’s old snowsuit.

Max had his Christmas concert last week and we love any reason to dress up!

This boy was a dream through the show.

Cookies and hot cocoa after!

Verrrry into his cookie.

Look at these two snugglebugs in the morning.

Emilia, Jordan and I ran to the mall. She was thrilled I let her wear her unicorn horn.

Put the whole outfit together herself.

Made Christmas snack mix.

Dropped off our letters to Santa.

Then Emilia had her Christmas concert too!

Got to have Max’s rescheduled birthday party after he was sick on his birthday.

Went to the dentist.

Ice skating with friends.

Finishing our advent spiral.

Painted lots!

And then it was Christmas! She wore her dress from last year because we loved it so much. SO happy it still fit!

They love this baby so much.

We took Jordan selfies while waiting for Dada to get ready.

My favorite love bugs!!

Made lobster mac and cheese for Christmas eve.

And had a feast!

Getting verrrry tired.

Attempt at a cousin pic with 5 tired babes late at night.

Had to stay up to throw out reindeer food though!

Up early on Christmas day for presents!

Oh the excitement.

These are the best years!

Made my overnight croissant bake.

And we made french orange juice.

Creme brulee french toast too!

Then this babe started to feel under the weather with a little cold.

Still had enough energy to try on his brother’s boots though.

The last of our spiral.

Christmas treats!

We have played endless games of checkers.

And today we spent Christmas with cousins!

This boy is so fun.

I love how Jordan gets on his belly to look at my mom’s village under the tree.

Sweet bubbas.

My mom’s tree is always magnificent!

Piano baby.

I can’t!

Finished the night with a hot cocoa cake!

And it was a magical week!