summer fridays

Happy summer fridays to you!


My simple chickpea salad everyday. And these lemon chicken caesar wraps. I also love this bircher muesli so much for summer breakfasts.


A rosé aperol spritz is all I’ve been dreaming of lately!


My peach bruschetta on repeat. I’ve been eating peaches like mad. And this one pot peach basil chicken.


My peach pistachio puff pastry tart. OMG.


A garlic bread grilled cheese. Yes. I couldn’t stop thinking about it today.


All the pizzas! My summer BBQ chicken pizza. This grilled steakhouse pizza! And then my grilled gorgonzola potatoes too. The best.


To this playlist of amazing 80s/90s women that I could listen to everyday, all day. It’s so good!


Summer Stage!! I’ve been waiting for this one. Love her books! Here is my summer reading list for ya.


These buttery soft joggers constantly. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these. They are so stretchy, so soft, so comfortable. And the softest slide sandals too. I have them in tan and love them. Wish I could find them in blush!


All the simple modern trek tumblers are back in stock on amazon, including the neon pink! These are SO MUCH BETTER than the stanley tumblers. They are lighter, don’t leak at all, sleeker and prettier. Now that the anniversary sale is open to everyone, I’ve been perusing it a bit more. Here is a list of my favorites! I got the new balance 327s and I love them so, so, so much. They are so sharp! Of course, they are sold out but there are still these amazing ones at anthropologie. I also got this jumpsuit that I love!


Everything that is out for the Barbie movie! I mean, all this pink is my dream. The only bad part is that most is sold out. I love the hot pink travel collection at BEIS but it was sold out before I could even open the website. I am absolutely dying over this sparkly pink skort + outfit. And I did get the neon pink satin pillowcase – I’ve slept on one every night for years. Even this little people Barbie set! I think I need that for Jordan.


This weekend is the famous MacKenzie Childs barn sale!! This is something I would have loved to go to with my mom before they stopped having it in person. There is so much great stuff in the sale. They actually have some of the Halloween stuff I use every year that everyone loves! The witch cauldron, the witch hat and the beware pumpkins are so fun. I also use this large courtly check bowl for salads all the time, as well as this tiered dessert stand. And my cheeseboard that you see all the time in my posts! There is so much more than usual at the sale. I linked a bunch on LTK for you too.


We leave on vacation in another week so I’m already loading up my dining room table with everything I need to pack. And I made a list of the summer vacation things I have from amazon that we take every year/new items this year.

summer fridays