Sharing the best of the best thanksgiving drinks, from cocktails to non-alcoholic punches and hot, warming beverages to sip by the fire!

I have the best lineup of Thanksgiving drinks for you!

Thanksgiving weekend is my absolute favorite – and there are so many opportunities to entertain, get cozy around the fire or sip something delicious and decorate the tree!

I have so many options for you! There’s a few cocktails, some non-alcoholic options, hot drinks and more. While there are a few punch recipes, the rest are single serving cocktails and would be super easy to make for a small crowd.

What’s your go-to?! Almost every year I make the red apple cider sangria.

Best Thanksgiving Drinks

This cranberry cinnamon whiskey sour is spiced, warming and refreshing at the same time.

Red apple cider sangria may be my #1 favorite.

This pumpkin pie bourbon smash tastes just like your favorite dessert.

And this cranberry cobbler smash is even better. Give me all the spice.

If you love a light spritz-y drink, this pomegranate aperol spritz is incredible.

A caramel cider crush is something everyone can get behind. Hello caramel vodka!

Pomegranate cider punch is nonalcoholic, sparkly drink that is super fun.

And this hot pomegranate cider makes me so happy. It’s a hug in a mug!

My cranberry cider punch is another mocktail – an oldie but goodie from baby shower nine years ago!

Thanksgiving party punch is where it’s at.