Sharing some of my best cozy recipes for January nights! I love making these recipes for my family when we need a comforting meal to warm up the soul.

It’s getting cold and comfort food is the name of the game!

Earlier this week I shared a ton (over 250!) of dinner recipes for all your menu planning needs in 2024. Today, we’re talking COZY! It is finally getting colder here after a weird warm-ish spell and I am all about it. I wouldn’t mind a bit of snow and to cuddle up after sharing a meal like this with my family.

I love a hearty, comforting, nourishing dish in the deep winter months. My mom was the queen of making weeknight dinners and she really specialized in comfort food. These are some of my favorites and ones that everyone goes crazy for!

20 Cozy Recipes For January

Chicken and Stars Soup

French Onion Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups

Cheesy Tomato Basil Baked Orzo

Spinach Artichoke Skillet Lasagna with Chicken

Burrata Baked Ravioli with Spinach

Cheesy Weeknight Tortellini Skillet

French Onion Mac & Cheese

Braised Short Ribs with Charred Scallion Risotto

Pumpkin Burrata Baked Ziti

Turkey Meatball Subs

Cheeseburger Puff Pastry Pockets

Baked Vodka Sauce Gnocchi

Fire Roasted Chicken Tortellini Soup

Garlic Bread Grilled Cheese

Chicken Soup with Ricotta Dumplings

One Pot Chili Cheese Pasta

Butternut Squash Pot Pie

Mini Turkey Meatloaves with Cauliflower Mash

Cauliflower Potato Soup with Chipotle Bacon

Saucy Sun Dried Tomato Gnocchi

Ciabatta Pizza Bread

Cozy Lemon Pasta