I’ve made one of the best things ever of the summer.

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It is still summer, right? Butter soaked lobster in a sherry cream under piles of pastry. AH!

Oh no. I told you I was done with the puff pastry last week but I guess I lied. I did. This is totally different so it’s okay.

First, thank you all SO MUCH for your kind words and stuff about Seriously Delish. I’ve sort of felt kind of alone but not really alone in two stange-to-me cities this week and your amazing comments and emails and tweets and everything have made my life. Yes. Seriously. My life. And on that note – if you’re in the Houston area, don’t forget that I’m signing books tonight at Blue Willow Bookshop! My metallic sharpies are ready.

lobster pot pie I howsweeteats.com

But now: pie. In a pot. In a non-berry, non-dessert sort of way.

So the minute we got home from Michigan last week I made this pot pie. It’s a total rip off of the one that Eddie had at café santé and all I gotta say is… how on earth did he end up ordering all of the amazing food on vacation? I think he outdid me on every single meal. Like I was legitimately jealous of the plates of food in front of him, which rarely happens considering they are usually 1. a burger 2. a steak or 3. a steak burger. He was knocking it out of the park with his orders.

Not fair.

lobster pot pie I howsweeteats.com

One bite of that pot pie was like melt-in-your-mouth perfect lobster bisque but with huge chunks of lobster. It’s a super rich dish but incredibly delicious – you can make the serving size whatever you’d like it to be – in a dish, in some ramekins, in a cereal bowl or whatever. I also love that this recipe uses up some of the last of the perfect corn we have right now – I’ll be crying big, fat tears when that disappears.

This is also the ideal recipe to burn they heck out of every taste bud on your tongue. I would not know anything about that. I’m the epitome of patience.

lobster pot pie I howsweeteats.com


GUYS. I’m struggling like whoa to take pictures in our new house. It’s been super difficult to figure out lighting and set ups and what not, coupled with the fact that pot pie is um, like, not very photogenic? WAH. But this pie is one pie I wouldn’t mind being pied in the face with. It tastes so much prettier than it looks. Well, not pretty, because that sounds like it tastes like perfume or something. It tastes so much more luscious than it looks? Luscious. That is a truly terrible word but a fantastic way to describe this.


lobster pot pie I howsweeteats.com

Lobster Bisque Pot Pies

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  • Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Spray a few ramekins with nonstick spray. The size is up to you! With this recipe, I got 3 4-inch ramekins full, and 4 2-inch ramekins full. Even if you run out of puff pastry, the filling is insanely delicious by itself.
  • Add the potatoes, carrots and stock to a saucepan over high heat. Bring to a boil and cook for 8 to 10 minutes, just until the vegetables are tender. Strain the stock into a bowl and place the vegetables in a separate bowl.
  • Heat a large stock pot over medium heat and add the butter and olive oil. Add the lobster and cook it for only 2 to 3 minutes, just until slightly opaque and red. (If desired, you can add the tails in tooto get more flavor, just make sure to remove all the pieces.) Remove and place it on a plate. Add the onions and thyme to the butter and olive oil and stir well to coat. Throw in a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook the onions until they are soft and translucent, about 5 minutes. Stir the flour into the onions to create a roux. Cook the roux for 3 to 4 minute until it’s golden and fragrant. Add the tomato paste and stir well, cooking for another minute or so.
  • Pour in the sherry and cook until it’s reduced by half. Add in the reserved stock slowly, stirring while doing so. Add in the potatoes, carrots and fresh corn. Bring the mixture to simmer so it thickens slightly. Stir in the cream. Add the lobster back into the mixture. Taste and add the salt and pepper, adding more if needed.
  • Spoon the filling into ramekins or a baking dish. Cut pieces of puff pastry to fit the tops and brush them with the beaten egg + water. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, until the pot pie is bubbling and the pastry is golden. Serve!


[adapted from bobby flayx]

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lobster pot pie I howsweeteats.com

my favorite ones are the ones that overflow and get all bubbly. obviously.