summer fridays I #summer #fridays

Welcome to the best part of my summer, summer fridays


In years past when I’ve returned from this vacation, I’ve recreated recipes from our favorite restaurant. One of them is this lobster pot pie (to die for!) and the other is this strawberry pizza (I swear it’s not weird!). I reeeeeally want to put both on our menu this week.


My fridge this weekend with all the local sweet corn and tomatoes! Super excited about this season and how fabulous our local produce tastes. First on my list, this hot bacon caprese salad! And then, this summer shrimp and grilled corn carbonara. Followed by this marinated tomato and peach salad and this marinated zucchini ribbon pistachio salad. Yessss.


On this rainbow coconut water spritzer all weekend. Vacation detox begins now! Also eyeing up this grapefruit chia refresher. Love that drink.


Home from my faaaaavvvvorite place ever today. So many of  you always ask about where we eat/visit/play while we are here and a few years ago, I made a listGrowing up, this vacation always signaled the end of summer because we went a week before school started. I love that right now, we still have almost 8ish weeks of summer left.


Barely even scratched the surface of the reading that I wanted to do on the beach (hellllo kids) but I did start The Summer I Met Jack! It’s on my reading list so I’m getting through it.


Nonstop to the newest workout playlist! Going to be on full blast over the next month. Link your favorite workout playlist below!


Out to this 7 minute workout app. Speaking of the above. This is AMAZING when you’re short on time or feel like you don’t have time or feel like you have 2 kids glued to your body at all times. You can do it anywhere!


This week I basically lived in this Lilly Pulitzer cover up dress that I mentioned in my favorites last month. My first memories of Lilly were from vacationing here in Michigan and shopping in Harbor Springs with my grandma and I’m always reminded of that. And last night, the weather dipped down to 59 (I secretly love it so much!) and I lived in my shep shirt all day. It’s the best.


I’m really excited to be back because I might do one more round of looking at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. And I’m also loving everything at Athleta right now and want to grab some new workout gear! My SIL wore this swimsuit from there this week and I’m obsessed.


Pretty rejuvenated after this trip even though I had trouble relaxing at the beginning. One of the things I’ve learned with having kids is that when I have a moment to relax or take a breath, I have to do it right then and ENJOY. I might be doing something else at the time but when the moment presents itself, I have to soak it up. It’s a tricky thing with unpredictable baby/kid schedules but it’s great once I just LIVE in that second. You know? Finding those pockets of time have been key. Especially for me who has a difficult time relaxing.

summer fridays I #summer #fridays

All the rosé and hearts! xo