Since I have so much time to complicate things, I stuck a beer in our margarita!

spicy blood orange beergaritas I #beer #margaritas #beergaritas #cocktails #bloodorange

Beergaritas, yes please. Blood orange beergaritas? DOUBLE YES.

spicy blood orange beergaritas I #beer #margaritas #beergaritas #cocktails #bloodorange

Beergaritas aren’t a new thing around here. And I’ve already made regular blood orange margaritas. I’ve made key lime beergaritas (almost exactly one year ago to the DAY!) and also ginger beergaritas – but the latter is with ginger beer and not ACTUAL beer. As long as you get a beer you really like, these are SO good.

I’ve tried the version with the frozen limeade and sours mix and I’m sooooo not a sours person. So I had to make my own version.

spicy blood orange beergaritas I #beer #margaritas #beergaritas #cocktails #bloodorange

We made two different margaritas – one with Corona and one with this blood orange ale! I was SO super excited about the blood orange ale but didn’t end up loving the beer itself. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but I was probably expecting it to taste like blood orange soda because I am a predictable millennial. And I really, really love grapefruit beer.

Now in the margarita? It was really good! I still think I prefer the Corona though – because that’s the beer I prefer in general. It’s perfect with the blood orange and lime. It just goes together.

Also, I was freaking out because I was convinced the bottle would overflow the cocktail, but I promise it does not! Something about the air flow and all that jazz.

The best bottles to use for these are the tiny Corona ones – I think they are six ounces or something? When I asked about them in the store, the person told me “I stopped carrying those years ago! No one wants those!”

Welp. I do. Because I’m always waaaaay way behind the times. In everything. Food. Fashion. Reading. Language.

spicy blood orange beergaritas I #beer #margaritas #beergaritas #cocktails #bloodorange

So I bought the large ones. It’s not that huge of a deal, except it kind of is because then you need to hold both the glass AND the bottle! Unless you want to use a tall glass and only fill it about halfway. Still awkward to drink though.

Because of this, and because of super bowl activities, I included a recipe below for a pitcher of these babies! Where you make it all in one pitcher for your friends (errr…. Or yourself?) and just combine the ingredients in there with no fancy beer bottle stuck inside.

spicy blood orange beergaritas I #beer #margaritas #beergaritas #cocktails #bloodorange

And it’s not like I even have to explain my obsession with blood orange.

I know things have been very blood orange heavy here the last two weeks, but that’s the problem! Blood oranges are only here for a matter of WEEKS! It kills me. And this year, they aren’t even that great around here. The ones in my grocery store are already on their last leg.

spicy blood orange beergaritas I #beer #margaritas #beergaritas #cocktails #bloodorange


spicy blood orange beergaritas I #beer #margaritas #beergaritas #cocktails #bloodorange

Anyhoo. The spiciness comes from a salted cayenne rim and you can also drop a pinch of cayenne into the shaker to give it a bit of heat. The cayenne, orange and beer combo reminds me of a michelada and it’s SO delicious. Especially with a ton of chips, guac and all the tacos you can get.

spicy blood orange beergaritas I #beer #margaritas #beergaritas #cocktails #bloodorange

Let’s talk super bowl eats! I have an entire post dedicated to FOOTBALL FOOD (hello, 125 recipes!) so you can find all the most delicious stuff in there. But my go-to would be a ginormous snack board. Then a few dips. A big salad. Maybe some pulled pork in the slow cooker.

And all the beergaritas.

spicy blood orange beergaritas I #beer #margaritas #beergaritas #cocktails #bloodorange

Spicy Blood Orange Beergaritas

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for a single

  • coarse salt + cayenne pepper for the rim
  • 3 ounces fresh blood orange juice
  • 1 ½ ounces silver tequila
  • 1 ounce fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 ounce grand marnier liqueur you can sub triple sec, I much prefer GM
  • 1 ounce simple syrup
  • 1 7-ounce bottle of beer (or a 12 ounce bottle - you'll just have to hold it!)
  • blood orange wedges for garnish
  • fresh limes for garnish

for a pitcher

  • 1 cup freshly squeezed blood orange juice
  • 1 cup beer like corona or your favorite citrus beer
  • 1/3 to ½ cup silver tequila
  • 1/2 cup fresh lime juice
  • 1/4 cup grand marnier liqueur you can sub triple sec, but I much prefer GM
  • ¼ cup simple syrup
  • fresh blood oranges for garnish
  • fresh limes for garnish
  • coarse salt + cayenne pepper for the rims


  • I suggest making a single serving first and taste it so you can add more/less tequila or syrup to your liking. Everyone is different and prefers their drinks a different way, so feel free to add more or less tequila, more simple syrup, more lime juice, etc. This is my absolute favorite combo listed above.
  • Before serving, rim the edge of the glass with a lime slice and then dip it in coarse salt + cayenne to coat. Fill the glass with just a few ice cubes or even with crushed ice – my ice preference of late.
  • In a shaker, combine the orange juice, tequila, lime juice, grand marnier and simple syrup. You can add a pinch of cayenne here if you want! Shake well for 30 seconds, then pour it over the crushed ice, leaving about an inch of room up top.. Take your beer bottle and quickly pop it into the drink. Garnish with the extra limes and blood orange.

for a pitcher

  • Combine the juices, beer, tequila, grand marnier and simple syrup in a pitcher and stir to combine. Serve as noted above!

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I appreciate you so much!

spicy blood orange beergaritas I #beer #margaritas #beergaritas #cocktails #bloodorange

I like double duty like this.