summer fridays

I’m very much dreaming that I’m on that beach on this summer friday!


All the tomatoes are starting to come in, which means this heirloom toast with basil whipped feta is on deck. It’s also been way too long since I made my peanut noodles with roasted broccoli. It’s the perfect meal.


Pinot peach sangria! This is full of all of my favorite things. Also obsessed with my cold brew soda floats right now.


My peach caprese with smoked salt. I am in full blown peach mode! And right now ALDI has bags of organic peaches which is amazing! Organic peaches are impossible to find around here!


My blueberry ricotta cake with lavender glaze. This is so delicious.


These watermelon salad wedges with blue cheese. This dish is refreshing and SO good.


A new workout playlist!! This has been the most requested playlist so far. It’s awesome.


Last night I started The Boyfriend Project! What are you reading? I had a slow reading week because I spent a ton of time finishing edits for my next book! I hope to get lost in a book or two this weekend. P.S. my summer reading list is right here.


This piece on Latham Thomas. Her company Mama Glow is incredible and so inspiring.


I lived in these neon slides this week. It’s hilarious, because I really hate birkenstocks and then I go a get a pair of these! I thought they would make such good pool slides and they are also great shoes for watering my plants and herbs. Ha. Also… tie dye pajamas. So I can match Emilia.


My z supply obsessed continues and this tank is amazing. It’s so soft and flowy and perfect! Also, I bought this dress after Lacy got it and it’s amazing. Another great option for super hot days and nights and it comes in the cutest colors. It’s definitely dressier than the z supply one I told you about previously. P.S. Lacy is pregnant (!!! omg !!! best news in the unvierse!!!) and it works great for maternity too!


A new video for the melon mosaic salad! This is incredibly refreshing and wonderful.


My ricotta jam jar for the weekend! It’s in the fridge right now. Just give me a baguette and I’m good.

summer fridays