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Hey hey!

This week on the blog, I shared this avocado chicken salad that I love to have on hand for lunches! I also shared this incredible caramelized onion dip, a bunch of my favorite spring entertaining recipes and pizza supreme mac and cheese! SO many good ones.

You can find a new weekly menu here as well as a peek into a week in our life.

P.S. you can find my april beauty favorites here too.

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What I’m loving this week

BBQ meatballs look so darn good.

Pretty sure we all need emergency brownies.

Jalapeño mac and cheese! Hello.

These coconut flour banana muffins look so good.

Chicken caprese pasta salad. Yum.

Really want to make this brazilian inspired cheese bread.

Air fryer bacon. Must try.

This watermelon salad with roasted beets sounds amazing.

Taco pasta for dinner tonight!

Craving this greek chicken souvlaki bowl.

Spicy peanut noodles with cucumber. Delish.

Want to try this lemon chicken and couscous.