summer fridays

Happy summer friday! What’s up this weekend for you?


We’re traveling home from vacation today, so I want to make a really nice summer meal this weekend! I’m thinking my grilled chimichurri chicken. I really want to make my cantaloupe caprese skewers too! And I’m almost positive I’ll make the marinated tomato BLTs.


Frozen watermelon mojitos all the way. This cajun peach lemonade is sooooo good too.


My rotisserie chicken salad for an easy post vacation meal. And this burst tomato burrata pasta!


My coconut zucchini chocolate chip bread. It’s a huge favorite!


My smoky cedar plank salmon. It’s fantastic.


My grilled cinnamon sugar toast with figs and ricotta! I am dying for this.


To our feel good friday playlist! I love this one and listening to it in the car last week too!


When I get home later today, my book of the month picks will be there! So I’m thinking of starting The Heart Principle this weekend. It’s an early release that I picked! I love her other novels.


Thinking of grabbing a few things that are left at the Nordstrom sale. I have these Nike shoes in black and LOVE them. Also thinking of getting this body cream because it’s one of my faves. You can find all of my other favorites here!


I got my hands on the 40oz Stanley tumbler last week that the buy guide always talks about. The story of this cup is amazing! As a dedicated yeti cup user (I’ve used them all day, nonstop for probably five years), I’m very excited about a 40oz cup with a handle.


Watching Ally Love’s incredible wedding week on instagram all week. It’s AMAZING. Oh my gosh. Following this has been a highlight of the week. They have themed nights and everything.


Every year Ashley Spivey does this Clear The List program where you can help teachers get everything they need for their classroom. It’s AMAZING!! It looks like most of the lists are cleared at this point, but if you follow her, she updates in stories!


Once we’re home from vacation, I have some back to school prep to do! If you want to bawl your eyes out, read this: dear kindergartner, I could not love you more. Crying!

summer fridays