summer fridays

Back for round two of summer fridays! Here’s what’s happening this weekend.


These grilled summer chicken rice bowls. These are incredible and super flavorful. And my strawberry crunch salad! Strawberries are so fabulous at the moment – take advantage of it. And my melon mosaic salad too. The kids love it. Also, speaking of salads, are you aware of my fixation with signature house salads? Here’s why I love them so much.


This spicy grapefruit tequila soda is so refreshing. Also, you can get these fun glasses here.


A batch of this broccoli slaw. It’s one of my favorite things ever.


These cookies and cream bars! These are outstanding. Also, my peaches and cream baked oatmeal cups for breakfast.


My no churn strawberry oreo ice cream. OH YES.


My grilled marinated peppers with burrata. Best.recipe.ever. Also, my grilled garlic baguettes with greek salad. Seriously one of my favorite meals right now.


My 2023 summer country playlist!! The new Miranda Lambert + Leon Bridges song is so good.


Currently reading same time next summer! Here’s my summer reading list for you.


Everything I need for summer weekdays and weekends with my kids is in this post.


I broke down and bought the ninja creami after seeing SO MANY people rave about it on instagram! I thought it would be awesome to make smoothie bowls and quick sorbets for the kids. Do you have one of these?!


I really love the show me your mumu graphic sweatshirts – they are so ridiculously comfortable and soft. Also this seems like a great time to remind you of my summertime house/cooking flip flops that are so supportive and comfortable, it’s insane. I love the stardust shade because it looks like a nude/neutral on me.


I love Dagne Dover items, especially since having kids. The bags and accessories are waterproof, lightweight, incredible and so easy to clean. They released a ton of neon pink items (the dream land collection?! how cute!) a few weeks ago and I didn’t get any before it sold out. BUT!! I did get this neon pink belt bag that I will probably wear into the ground. I am obsessed. I also love the blue color in everything. And I’m tempted to get a beis suitcase for the kids clothes since they are getting bigger, but am curious about the quality.


This week on instagram I shared a few new videos: grilled shrimp couscous, grilled chicken pasta salad and my watermelon chicken salad!


Jordan’s SECOND birthday this weekend. Like how?! How on earth is this possible? He has brought so much joy to our family. It’s amazing seeing how much Max and Emilia adore him – and he much he adores them too. You can see two straight years of him in my week in the life posts! Also, my mom’s birthday too!! Cake for everyone.

summer fridays