Salted Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate.

True story: I will never turn down a mug of peanut butter hot chocolate. Especially with peanut butter whipped cream! It’s only the best...

Tuscan Tomato Bean Soup with Kale.

This tuscan tomato bread soup is so good I could cry. Forgive me because I’m putting bread IN your soup. Just when I thought...

Pumpkin Beer Brisket Melts on Everything Pretzel Rolls.

Brisket melts might be my new favorite thing! Because ‘tis the season for comfort food.

Currently Crushing On.

Happy Saturday! How is this the last weekend of October? I hope you’re celebrating by making a candy charcuterie board like the one above!...

Snickers Almond Butter Tart.

Don’t even have words for this snickers almond tart. I mean, NO WORDS. This is like grown up Halloween candy! Homemade adult candy.

Hocus Pocus Punch. (p.s. it’s a mocktail!)

On tap for the next week: hocus pocus punch! This fun Halloween punch is actually a mocktail. 

Three Cheese Spaghetti Squash.

Three cheese spaghetti squash that is straight out of your dreams? It’s here! Right here. For you to make for dinner tonight.  And it...

Maple BBQ Salmon with Brown Butter Couscous.

All good days end with maple BBQ salmon. So guess what! It’s a Monday meal on a Monday!

Currently Crushing On.

Happy Saturday!! It is going to be the most PERFECT weather weekend here. I can’t wait! This week on the blog I shared this...

Pumpkin Dream Cake.

I know I’m dramatic 105% of the time, but this is the best pumpkin sheet cake of life.  And I’m not exaggerating one single...

Caramel Apple Old Fashioned.

A dreamy caramel apple old fashioned is just what your Thursday needs.  I’m ridiculously excited to share this DELICIOUS concoction with you. I love...

Cauliflower Schnitzel Sandwiches with Caramelized Onion Mayo.

Cauliflower schnitzel sandwiches are happening!  Get ready. A super crunchy, crisp, flavorful bite is right here waiting for you!