For the fourth year in a row, we are talking COOKIES! Like lots and lots of cookies and holiday things. Delicious holiday things.

27 cookies to bake for the holiday season I

If you’ve been reading along, you know I love to bake a ton around the holidays. Even though I’m really much more of a cook than a baker, it stems from baking with Mother Lovett every Christmas for years and years and years. Once I was busier with school and activities, she’d usually make the dough but we’d still bake the cookies together. Doing this is therapeutic, mind numbing and nostalgic for me. We also love to take big cookie platters of treats (Eddie makes the BEST ones) to friends’/family’s homes over the holidays.

I’ve shared my list the past few years of things I hope to bake, but since my recipes are growing and growing, the list is getting seriously out of control. Believe it or not, this is my narrowed down list. I’m embarrassing. Last year due to some last minute travel, I missed out on a ton of my planned baking. I still managed to make a cookie or three, but nothing like I’d hoped. We’ll see how this year pans out.

Also, one of the biggest questions I get every year is about freezing cookies. I am not an expert in that because I do what Mother Lovett did and my own mom still does… keep them outside in the garage. Yes. I promise it’s not as white trash as it sounds. The weather here is usually freezing, the cookies are sealed as if they are made of fragile blown glass (think layers and layers of plastic wrap and foil in sealed containers) and we set them on shelves in our ice cold garages. It works. So in that sense, yes I think that most of these cookies will freeze well.

So… here we go. Please tell me what you’re baking! Leave me some links! Throw them my way!


double chocolate cheesecake cookies. they are so rich!

cake batter chocolate bark. we’ve loved it for years, but what’s really fun is the color pop it adds to cookie trays.

fat fluffy snickerdoodles. seriously adore this recipe.

and snickerchipdoodle cookies. made up… and amazing.

chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. an all-time favorite.

homemade peppermint pattie cookies. i’m such a sucker for chocolate and milk.

also, homemade peppermint pattie brownies. i think i like these even more than the cookies.

traditional peanut butter blossoms. growing up, this was my favorite cookie. i don’t even like the kiss. but still.

chewy lemon cookies. lemon is a recent thing for me but i find it super refreshing. these are a nice change from the chocolate extravaganza.

on the same note, these sparkling white chocolate lemon truffles. last year was the first year for these and – such a hit. so pretty too.

soft gingersnaps. i’m not a fan of gingerbread whatsoever, but these cookies do me in. we’ve made them for four years straight.

holiday thumbprints. obviously this a big throwback recipe and was one of Mother Lovett’s specialties. my mom loves them.

along with butterball cookies. i don’t go very nuts for these, but my mom and aunt do. total nostalgia in a dough ball.

homemade baklava. this is a labor of love.

giant rainbow cookies. i use this for basic chocolate chip cookies, as well as stuffed with red and green m&m’s.

peanut butter pretzel chocolate chip cookie bites. so crunchy.

crazy confetti compost cookies. is there a more “me” cookie?

these easy no-bake peanut butter cookies. so different.

salted dark chocolate truffle cookies. so much chocolate.

mother lovett’s orange cookies. huge family fave.

chocolate fudge s’mores thumbprints. you know i live and die for anything s’mores.

loaded chocolate bourbon fudge. because, um… bourbon.

mocha coconut fudge. one of the most popular recipes on my site, this is a modern remake of Mother Lovett’s old school favorite.

gooey chocolate coconut truffles. it doesn’t get much easier than this.

oreo balls. i don’t care how overdone these get. i never get sick of them.

crispy chocolate peanut butter truffles. a slightly kicked up buckeye. you know i need some texture.

old school creme de menthe brownies. these taste like childhood.

27 cookies to bake for the holiday season I