This summer Friday would be absolute perfection if I could get my hands on a lobster roll!


Tons of these grilled vegetables. It’s our weekend staple. I also think I’m going to make this grilled thai pork tenderloin. And a batch of my smoky summer chicken salad.


A delish classic margarita. My recipe is my all-time favorite. If you want a mocktail, these iced peach coladas are amazing.


A lobster grilled cheese. Is anyone else craving a perfect buttery lobster roll like I am? This is the next best thing. I also just can’t stop thinking about the hot cheetos street corn. Pretty sure I’m doing it tonight…. again.


These little peach hand pies! They are so, so good with vanilla ice cream. Also, my cherry cheesecake brownies. Those are straight up irresistible.


My lavender latte ice cream ever since sharing the coffee oreo ice cream yesterday.


To a fun little 80s playlist. Anything to take me out of 2020, ha! This one is awesome.


Hello Summer and I was hooked right from the start. This has been a slow reading month because I’ve had to spend a great deal of time on my book edits, but I’m slowly getting back to books. You can follow me on goodreads to see what I’m reading in real time! Oh oh oh and did you see that The Vanishing Half is going to be an HBO series?! So pumped.


This Brene Brown video about trusting someone. It’s so good.


I’m wearing these on my feet, so I guess this counts. A few weeks ago I got a pair of On cloudswift shoes for walking/running outside (like barely running, I hate to run! I will do a walk/run combo or just a long walk) – I LOVE THEM. It’s no secret that I adore my adidas ultraboosts, but I mostly wear them in the kitchen, out and about – I hate to destroy them outside. I’ve tried different Nike pairs here and there but NONE of them offer the support like the ultraboosts do. Well these… I bought them strictly for outside and they are incredible. So comfortable and insanely supportive!


I get a lot of great facebook and instagram ads, but rarely buy anything from them. However! A few months ago I saw an ad for Dr Brite sanitizing wipes for preorder. This was in the middle not being able to find any sort of sanitizing wipes, so I ordered. They came last week and I LOVE them. The smell is amazing – peppermint and eucalyptus – and they are so much better to keep in the car than regular old clorox wipes or something that reeks of alcohol.


A new video for our favorite baked beans. These are SO GOOD. There is a video in the post above the recipe and you can see exactly how we make them!


That commodity fragrance is back! If you are a longtime reader and enjoy my favorites posts, then you’ll know that Commodity Gold is one of my all-time favorite perfumes. It’s incredible. The company folded a year or two ago and I missed getting the Gold fragrance on clearance at sephora. I randomly searched for a dupe for that perfume last week and found the website – and all the perfumes back up and running! I AM THRILLED. I already ordered a Gold travel size. Woohoo. Now remember when I was talking about my quarantine signature scent…


Up a schedule for the upcoming school year. Remember when everyone made fun of those crazy color coded family/kid schedules that were floating around instagram the first week of quarantine? Like back when we thought it would really only be two or three weeks? Yes, me too! Well… now I feel like we won’t survive without one of those and I’m on a mission to make the best one for us that isn’t insane. Tips please!