I’ve got a bunch of great recipes for Memorial Day weekend for you!

33 recipes for memorial day weekend

I know we’re still a week and a half out, but I could NOT be more excited for the kick off to summer this year. MDW is one of my favorite weekends of the entire year and right now I’m feeling so much more hopeful and great about this season to come! Today I have a ton of my favorite recipes for Memorial Day weekend for you – not just burgers and hot dogs, but amazing salads, snacks, appetizers and dips, side dishes, grilled meals, cocktails and treats. It can’t get any better than this!

For a million years we have always gone to a Memorial Day parade on Monday then walked through the cemetary – it’s a tradition. The days before, we do tons in preparation for summer and just have a lovely little weekend. I love it!

Do you have any plans for next weekend? What delicious things are you making?

33 Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend

33 recipes for memorial day weekend

Definitely make a cheese board! Whether it’s large or small…

33 recipes for memorial day weekend

And don’t forget the pimento cheese.

33 recipes for memorial day weekend

The strawberry crunch salad is my absolute favorite thing this year. So good!

My blueberry summer salad from last year is also amazing!

My caramelized onion dip is everything. You can make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge!

This mango avocado shrimp salsa is a huge favorite. Just add chips!

Grilled asparagus caesar is my favorite take on veggies at the moment.

But this grilled broccoli crunch salad is also amazing.

The melon mosaic salad can’t be beat. Can you say hot honey vinaigrette?!

Or make cantaloupe caprese skewers!

Make this asparagus pasta salad with honey mustard dressing!

Or the strawberry black pepper pasta salad.

Or the ramen noodle crunch salad! Great texture here.

My fresh green bean salad is also wonderful.

Our favorite baked beans are the absolute best.

So are these grilled gorgonzola potatoes. ADORE.

No one can pass up a hot dog bar!

Or my mom’s veggie pizza from the 90s.

This coffee crusted strip steak with herb corn salsa is a huge fave.

So are these steak and potato skewers with rosemary chimichurri!

If you want something lighter, go with this grilled chicken strawberry poppyseed salad.

My cheeseburger salad with dill pickle vinaigrette is also a fun spin on a burger.

Speaking of burgers, nothing beats a smash burger.

Or the ULTIMATE veggie burger!

Lemonade frosé is the best way to kick off the season.

Or make an orange crush! I can’t wait to have one later this year.

Cherry lime vodka sodas are also everything.

So is this lavender mint lemonade!

Oreo peanut butter pie is so amazing because you can make it ahead of time!

Make a batch of ritz cracker peanut butter cups too.

Use festive red, white & blue m&m’s to make this party mix!

This strawberry shortcake trifle is dreamy.

So are my salted brown butter cookie bars!

What delish items are on your menu?!