summer fridays

Happy 4th weekend! Here’s what the weekend looks like!


My perfect 4th of July menu! It includes my smash burgers, the best baked beans, the melon mosaic salad, this perfect summer panzanella and hot cheetos grilled corn. YES.


My sparkling rosé pimms cups! And cherry lime gin and tonics. They’re so refreshing.


My grilled asparagus caesar salad on repeat. And this baked pesto pasta!


My firecracker confetti cupcakes! these are so fun and super cute for the 4th. Also – this triple berry sheet cake has been a huge hit over the last month.


These chocolate chip cookie s’mores bars. They are UNREAL.


To our 4th of July playlists! I have one here and another one here.


Our newest book club pick, One Last Stop! What are you reading right now?


This super cute USA sweatshirt from no 14 boutique (which is local to me!). It’s adorable and the colors are SO fun.


I’m technically on maternity leave right now – all the content you see on the blog (aside from posts like these) was prepped over the last few months, just like I did when I had my two other kids! But I’ve been planning out how my work days will look once I’m back in the swing of things 100% and life gets busier as school and everything approaches. I love my passion planner (I even use the academic year one now, so it feels FRESH!) and also love that they have free downloads for planning too!


I’m dying over all the neon pink options at lululemon right now. I live in the align leggings and want the neon pink so badly! All the tanks are so cute too.


Have you seen the trailer for the Sopranos movie prequel? The Sopranos will forever be one of my favorite shows and this has me so super excited.


There are lots of 4th of July sales this weekend and I have my eye on the Monica and Andy one! I love their onesies. I’m also so excited for the Nordstrom anniversary sale, if only because it makes things feel slightly back to normal.


The 4th with a fun weekend ahead! Pool party, maybe a baseball game, lots of relaxing and perhaps my first margarita since baby! Woohoo!

summer fridays