summer fridays

This is the most summery friday of them all! A long summer holiday weekend – here’s what’s happening!


My baked beans! They are the best in the world. I swear. Also, all the snacks. This peach burrata crostini. Red white and blue party mix. My melon mosaic salad and blueberry cucumber summer salad.


Watermelon grapefruit palomas. And probably watermelon margaritas so I can make these popsicles.


Caramelized onion smash burgers. Triple berry trifle! Strawberry shortcake trifle! There are so many options for this long weekend.


My firecracker cupcakes and triple berry sheet cake. There is nothing better! The berry sheet cake is on repeat.


Everything refreshing and cooling in this summer heat. Like my watermelon mojito wedges. Also, this summer pool party snack mix that is based on the pool snack mix of my youth. Replenish with salt!


Allll about the hot dog bar this weekend. And my grilled chicken caprese pasta salad.


Counterfeit by Kristin Chen!! Just started it. Here’s my summer reading list in case you need inspo.


I couldn’t be more excited to discover the summer I turned pretty playlist. Oh my gosh! It’s so so good and summer perfection.


Speaking of reading, these two podcasts from the lazy genuis are gold! One is about your summer reading expectations and the other is about kids and reading. One of the questions I am asked most is how I read so much. I never feel like I have a helpful answer, because I am so obsessed with reading and can’t live without it.


My favorite lulu tee now comes in neon pink so there is that. Also I must throw it back to this dress that I found in 2019 (or 18?) that is still one of the best summer active/pool dresses ever.


I made a bunch of new Reels this week. You can find videos for my broccoli slaw, lemon chicken pasta salad, honey mustard chicken, guacamole salsa, blackened chicken watermelon salad and tequila fruit punch! I honestly don’t love Reels. I hate that my entire feed is Reels (mostly of people I don’t even know!) and so loud, but if I don’t post Reels, I get even less engagement on any photos. Whomp whomp. Remember when IG was so fun and amazing?


There are so many good things in the preview for the nordstrom anniversary sale – especially kids stuff and gear. I can’t believe the Doona stroller is in the sale. It is my #1 best item I bought with Jordan! I usually do a favorites post the items in the sale. I rarely get the new trendy stuff – they always have some classic basics that I love (including home stuff) and I’ll even get it for gifts in the second half of the year.

I’m also eyeing the prime day sale


The 4th! Here’s my full 4th of july recipe guide. What are you doing for the weekend?

summer fridays