Today I’m sharing the best apple recipes for apple season! Perfect if you go apple picking this weekend and find yourself with lots of apples. What’s your favorite? I will forever love a good, refreshing honeycrisp. 

I live for apple season!

In fact, I might even love apple season more than pumpkin season. I definitely love apple cider flavors more than pumpkin flavors. So I’m here with all of the best apple recipes because the minute they come into season, I’m on it.

If you haven’t been apple picking yet (we went last week!), ooooh now is the time! The honeycrisps are ripe and perfect and tart and ready for all the delicious recipes. We will probably go one or two more times in the next few weeks. My kids eat two or three apples right in the field, they love them so much. And there is no better excitement than when we get home and have tons of apples to cook and bake!

Below you’ll find a mix of savory and sweet options – the top faves in our house. If I have to choose a favorite it may be the apple fritters… or the homemade apple cider! Which would you choose?

15 of the Best Apple Recipes

These salted apple fritters are the BEST!! They are definitely high maintenance (you’re basically frying donuts) and they don’t last very long. You need to serve them relatively soon after making them. But if you have the time and want to make a treat for family and friends, these are it.

The salad we all wait all year for! The original honeycrisp harvest salad with a vinaigrette that is good enough to drink! OMG I love this so much.

Homemade apple cider is always a win when you have a ton of apples at home!

Or make some smoky pulled pork sandwiches with spiralized apple slaw! So crunchy and refreshing.

This honeycrisp galette with cheddar crust is dreamy. So much flavor! So much texture!

We love these oatmeal baked apples with maple brown butter. Super delicious and satisfying.

Bourbon baked apples are another whole-apple option. Plus… bourbon!

This butternut apple and goat cheese pork tenderloin makes for an incredible sunday dinner.

The best of the best – apple cider sangria! The OG recipe that is a huge favorite here every year.

My september salad is MADE for apple season! Perfect for late summer into early fall.

You know I love my puff pastry!! This cinnamon sugar apple puff pastry is dreamy. The kids love it! This is another one that needs to be eaten shortly after baking.

Or try this caramelized onion, brie and apple tart. I love the sweet and savory flavor so much.

Everyone loves apple orchard punch.

And chocolate peanut butter fudge stuffed caramel apples. I mean… !

Finally, go for a classic! Make this cider bourbon apple pie with oatmeal cookie crumble. OMG.