1. Somehow this and this ended up in my online shopping cart. I searched high and low for it while on vacation last year but it was sold out everywhere. Not anymore, my friends. Not anymore.

2. Remember last week when we all talked about Dawson’s Creek? Tracy shared this website with me and made me the happiest camper ever. You’re welcome.

3. It’s National Peanut Butter Day! I have absolutely no idea how you should celebrate.

4. Tell me: is there anything better than grilled cheese sandwiches and pickles? Oh wait. Yes there is… grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup. Better than that? Two grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup

5. Seal? Heidi Klum? I will never learn. Just shoot me now.

6. My jaw quadruply dropped four times this week. Can you say asparagus cake, red velvet milkshakes, red wine lollipops and PIG CANDY. Pig freaking candy. I die.

6.5. Nevermind, I can’t die. It’s PIG CANDY! It’s given me something to live for.

7. My cookie butter is almost gone. Meaning… my life is almost gone. For real this time.

8. Ummm I don’t even want to tell you how many hours of Dexter I’ve watched in the last week. It’s maddening. And desperate. And PATHETIC. And hot.

9. You know you’re a food blogger when the giddiest you get all week is at 5:17PM because it’s still sort of light out. Life needed, please.

10. The only good part of #7 is that I bought this on Saturday. Life regained.