What to eat this week, pantry edition!

what to eat this week

Well, mostly pantry edition. I’ve done a more comprehensive post this week with multiple dinner ideas as well as more breakfasts and lunches too since many of you will be working at home. My biggest tip is to not skip a recipe that sounds good because you may be missing an ingredient or two. If you have questions on any recipes, leave a comment, an email or message me on instagram to ask!

what to eat this week

Here’s a few of my favorite easier meals that can be made with some help of pantry ingredients:

I suggest starting with a soup! I’m going to make a batch of soup, maybe even a double batch, and give the other half to family. (You can also freeze it!.) I’d go with something like this chicken taco soup, this minestrone or this tomato soup. You want to make something without noodles, so they don’t soak up all the broth if you’re freezing it or saving for leftovers. If you want a quick soup idea, you can use this ramen recipe and throw in some shredded chicken.

These homemade spaghettios come together so quickly and are super filling. You could also make some meatballs (here’s a slow cooker turkey version)to go long with it if you wish, and paired with a house salad, it’s a great comfort food meal.

Now is the time to make these slow roasted sweet potatoes with spicy garlic chickpeas! It’s comforting, flavorful, filling and satisfying. We absolutely love them.

If you’ve got black beans and tortillas, make these baked black bean taquitos! They are so crunchy and good – any kind of salsa works for dipping. You could also even throw some rotisserie chicken inside if you have a big meat eater in your family like I do.

I can’t sing the praises of this sheet pan nacho chicken enough! You can use chicken breasts or thighs. You can freeze this easily. It can be shredded for tacos, for enchiladas, for salads or even just to eat on its own with a few side dishes! On that same note, you could make a batch of turkey taco meat. Use it for everything!

Speaking of sheet pans, this sheet pan gnocchi is a favorite of everyone. You can add in sausage too, or make two separate pans. You can also use different vegetables and/or frozen vegetables. The key is to not crowd the pan. If you crowd the pan, everything will steam and not roast.

Finally, this is the perfect time for spicy peanut noodles! Any long noodle works here, it doesn’t have to be ramen. You can use frozen broccoli too. Toss in shrimp or chicken to make it more hearty.

what to eat this week

If you’re looking for side dishes, you can find all of those here. A few highlights:

what to eat this week

If you’re looking for lunches while you work from home, here’s a big post with 60 of my favorite lunches. A few highlights:

  • This chickpea salad is amazing for lunches. Don’t feel like you have to use all the herbs. You can use some tomatoes and corn if you have them. The dressing is what makes this. These are delicious on their own, as a side, in salad, in wraps, etc.
  • I’m still convinced that my egg salad is the best on earth!
  • This slow roasted tomato farro goes a long way. It’s great to make right now if you grab some grape tomatoes, because you roast them and they get super delish.

what to eat this week

As for breakfasts, if you will have kids at home with you this week, I’d go with a big pan of baked oatmeal. It’s a huge hit. You could also make a quiche and store it in the fridge for easy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Use this recipe but add whatever ingredients you’d like.

I also love this immunity boosting smoothie, overnight oats, and since you may be forgoing your favorite coffee-on-the-go, here are 4 homemade coffee syrups to make and store in your fridge! Also love these breakfast tacos and this breakfast fried rice.

what to eat this week

If you’re looking for treats/snacks to make, here are my top five:

what to eat this week

I’d love to know what is on your menu this week and how you’re planning your meals during this time.