summer fridays

I wish every summer friday looked like this!


My tomato toast on repeat. Seriously it is THAT good.


If you haven’t made the whipped coconut cream cold brew that I shared this week, you have to try! I have been craving one ever since. It’s delightful! If you want a cocktail, I highly suggest these watermelon rosé margaritas.


We’re traveling (by car!) today, so I made a few things for our trip. First, a big batch of homemade pesto. Next, a big batch of homemade ranch. Both of these things are to have while we are there. I really wish I would have made a batch of chipotle caramel chex mix! We will be cooking most nights on our trip, so those few things will help.


This sesame pretzel focaccia is an absolute dream. Try it this weekend!

P.S. I’m also sharing a step by step of my chewy oatmeal chocolate chip zucchini cookies on instagram this afternoon.


More s’mores. These chocolate chip cookie s’mores bars are insane.


To our beach vibes playlist! It’s so summery.

Also, to the Michelle Obama Podcast! So freaking excited about this.


The Last Flight! Just started it last night and I am hooked. I also shared what I read in July right here. And you can find my whole summer reading list here. Finally, I encourage you to read this incredible piece (NYT) that John Lewis wrote to be published after he died. I have read it multiple times and every time, it gives me chills.


The colorful life of Ally Love. Ally has been my favorite peloton instructor since I got the bike, but as soon as I followed her on instagram, I fell in love with her even more. She is such a bright light and radiates positivity. I just adore her!


There’s a new video here for my life-changing tomato pie. We just made it this week and I forgot how absolutely incredible it is!


I mentioned it in my July favorites, but I have been LIVING in these freedom moses slides. I can’t believe how much I love them. Also, this coconut hydration body oil is fantastic. It smells wonderful and is so moisturizing. It’s definitely my beauty pick for July!


After your feedback last week, I will definitely share my Nordstrom favorites next week when the sale begins! Actually, lots of things in the sale have been in my favorites each month and I’m excited to see so many good things on the site.


We are heading to Northern Michigan today and it seems very surreal. I know how much of a luxury it is right now that we are going to have a change of scenery. For most of the year we didn’t think we could go on this trip. But we’ve had our place booked since our trip last year and we waited to see. If you’ve followed the trip in the past (you can see here!), you probably know it’s a naturally very distanced trip. Plus, we drive there. Funnily enough, until I was probably 12 or so, I don’t even think we ate at a restaurant when we went. My great grandparents lived there and we would have dinner made every night with tons of summer Michigan produce. So I think it’s going to be a very retro vacation in that sense. Feeling very lucky that we get to go.

summer fridays