summer fridays

It’s the return of summer fridays! If you’re new here, summer fridays is our weekly virtual coffee date where we chat about all the things we’re doing, loving, craving, watching, etc – and take a true summer friday! This is the fifth year in a row for these fun posts and I’m so glad you wanted them to return! These are meant to inspire you for the weekend and bring some fun to each summer friday.


Allll the strawberry things. Strawberries are ready to be picked in our area and some of my favorite recipes include my strawberry crunch salad, strawberry burrata quinoa salad, 5 ingredient strawberry rose tart, no churn strawberry oreo ice cream and 2 ingredient strawberry lemonade.


I’m very into the orange crush right now. I don’t know why, other than it’s incredibly delish.


My strawberry cobbler bars are the best best best.


These marinated tomato BLTs. I can’t wait until the tomatoes are ready to go.


A few things on repeat for the week. School ended this week, so it’s nice to take a break from prepping lunches and a bunch of food for the weekly school schedule. Instead I’m prepping things that we can use for meals – my fridge essentials, if you will. Lots of pesto, my favorite vinaigrette, some grilled vegetables and more. I have a huuuuuuge chapter on this in Everyday Dinners and it saves me!


I’m loving this grilled chicken avocado orzo right now. Also, always loving my grilled peppers with burrata.


Our favorite playlists are back! Here’s the kickoff to summer fridays 2022.


I just started Every Summer After by Carley Fortune. You can find my full summer reading list here!


We’re going strawberry picking! Our favorite place to go is Triple B.


I know that the stanley quencher tumbler is super popular (I admittedly love it also and give them as gifts all the time!), but the cup I really love is this stanley stacking beer pint. Oh my gosh. I LOVE these! They are the perfect size, very light and while I haven’t poured beer in it, I love it for seltzer with ice or diet coke or even iced coffee and basically anything else. I only ever put water in my 40oz tumbler and I love this size.


My favorite everyday/errands/lounge shirt is the back in action tee from lululemon and now they make a short sleeve version! I love it. Also obsessed with the new hip length(!!!) align tank. Can we just stop cropping all the shirts? Thank you forever.


Did you see the summer Hill House launch? I love so much but also need nothing. I adore my nap dresses and they saved me last year in pregnancy and nursing! I also weirdly LOVE their silk pillowcases. They have a zipper and are the best ones I’ve found.


Today is national donut day! I have a few faves here on the blog, like my salted dark chocolate fudge donuts and strawberry sprinkle donuts!


We’re finally getting a Jeni’s here in Pittsburgh! Now if only we could get a shake shack…


My ultimate kitchen essentials guide is right here and I am currently updating it. Best of the best!


This entire year because it was such a blur! Yesterday was Max’s last day of school, and what was really wild is that last year on his last day, I went to the hospital to have Jordan! I have loved this year more than any year in life and at the same time it’s flown. I’m like ummm what the heck just happened in the last 12 months? One of my favorite things to do daily is scroll back in my phone and look at a pic I took exactly one year ago. I barely remember any of it and at the same time remember every second. It’s crazy.

summer fridays