summer fridays

It’s our last summer fridays of the year!


My fig burrata caprese. Figs are so juicy and delicious right now! My summer stuffed shells – we can’t get enough. And the best summer panzanella salad.


My red apple cider sangria. I am most excited about that for fall. Also, apple cider margaritas and this caramel cider crush!


Just so you have it in your arsenal: all the things to make after you go apple picking! So many good recipes here. Our local farms are already doing apple picking as of last weekend.


My double fudge zucchini chocolate chip cookies. So much zucchini! And apple cinnamon baked oatmeal. I’ve also already made a pumpkin dream cake.


My maple chipotle pumpkin hummus and my nutty harvest honeycrisp salad!


My grilled salmon club sandwich. And grilled chicken rice bowls!


To our so long summer 2023 playlist!


I’m reading Becca Freeman’s The Christmas Orphan’s Club which is SO good. She sent this to me but it comes out a month from tomorrow – oh my gosh, it’s a must preorder. It’s wonderful. You can find my full summer reading list here. Also… do we want a fall reading list? Sometimes I do one!


Being back in a school routine! A few years ago, I switched to an academic year planner which has suited my life so much better since having kids that are going to school. For years, I used the passion planner but last year I went back to the erin condren life planner and really enjoyed it. So that’s what I’m using (the daily duo to be exact, and it’s wonderful). I also have one weekly/monthy simple planner like this that I use as our family planner just to get all the activities/sports/school/etc down in one place. It’s awesome! I also still absolutely love the Ink and Volt notepads. If you are a pen and paper freak like I am, you will lose it over these.


I live… and I mean LIVE in athleisure most days, so my wardrobe consists mostly of lulu, spanx air essentials and a few carbon 38 things. All of the things I’ve told you about for years! Anyway, you know how I’ve been raving about the carbon 38 off the shoulder sweatshirts (because I forever want to be Kelly Kapowski)… now they have long sleeve t-shirts too. And I can’t get enough. Also, the air essentials crew necks are out in some fall colors now too. That material is unmatched. And the lululemon jack I’m obsessed with is now in blue. I think I need every color.


I can never pass up a bejeweled glittery mule.


The end of summer fridays this weekend! I love sharing these posts in the summer, but fall is my favorite time to share the best of the best recipes. SO be on the lookout for all the seasonal goodness coming your way.

summer fridays