Here are 33 of my favorite fall drink recipes! From coffee and tea, to punch and sangria, mocktails and hot toddys. Can’t get any better than this – be sure to bookmark this post! You’ve just hit the fall drink jackpot!

It’s really the most delicious time of the year.

33 favorite fall drink recipes

I’ve got you covered with the best of the best when it comes to fall drinks! These fall drink recipes are so good, I could never just choose one. Whether you need something cozy or icy, boozy or comforting, I’ve got it! Below you’ll find a bunch of my favorite fall drinks, like hot chocolates, teas, non-alcoholic punches, sangrias, mimosas and more!

Fall cocktail season is seriously the best. I mean, I guess I could argue that fall is the best time for ANY sort of drink. And I can’t even tell you how many delicious ones I have here on the blog. Don’t make me choose a favorite! I worship at the altar of apple cider, but there are lots of delish pomegranate, maple and pumpkin flavors here too.

33 of My Favorite Fall Drink Recipes

We’re starting with warm coffees and ciders (with one icy exception!), then on to mocktails! Scroll down for all the fall cocktails you need every weekend of the season. What’s on your list for this first official weekend of fall?!

What To Make When You Need a Hug In a Mug

33 favorite fall drink recipes

Ginger honey tea tonic!

This is a starbucks copycat medicine ball and it’s wonderful.

33 favorite fall drink recipes

Pumpkin coconut cream cold brew.

Okay it may not be warm, but it’s still amazing!

33 favorite fall drink recipes

Hot pomegranate cider.

LOVE this. So delicious for fall – fruit and spiced.

33 favorite fall drink recipes

Salted maple power coffee!

Absolutely love making this on cold fall mornings.

Coconut chai power coffee.

Like the maple version above, but all coconutty and chai-y. Really delicious.

Salted peanut butter hot chocolate.

Because who doesn’t want the best flavor combo ever in a hot mug?

Slow cooker coconut hot chocolate.

A major oldie but goodie over here! Super decadent and best for a crowd.

Pumpkin coconut hot chocolate.

Seriously rich and so fabulous for fall.

What To Make When You Need a Mocktail

33 favorite fall drink recipes

Hocus pocus punch.

A mocktail! This cranberry apple drink is great for Halloween or any time in October really – and the kids love it too.

33 favorite fall drink recipes

Sparkling pomegranate cider punch.

This punch is another mocktail with tons of pomegranate flavor. It’s a hit every time.

What To Make When You Want a Cocktail

33 favorite fall drink recipes

Apple cider mezcal margarita

This drink is different from my classic apple cider margs, in that it’s a little big smokier. I like to think that it’s more grown up than the one I first shared here back in 2011!

33 favorite fall drink recipes

September sangria.

I absolutely love this drink to transition from late summer to early fall. It’s seriously perfect for… September!

33 favorite fall drink recipes

Red apple cider sangria.

Right now, I can say that this is my absolute favorite. And you know that’s saying something.

33 favorite fall drink recipes

Drunken honeycrisp apple cider.

This cider can be made with or without alcohol. It’s perfect for the season.

Pomegranate gin and tonic.

This G&T is ridiculously refreshing. It’s tart, ever so slightly sweet and hits the spot when it’s still hot out.

Cinnamon cider whiskey sour.

It’s chilled and spiced and at the same time warms you up from the inside out. Drink this sitting by a fire.

Apple cider sangria.

One of the first cocktails I ever shared ten million years ago! It remains one of the most popular recipes here on the blog.

Apple cider margaritas.

The OG! A classic! I make this ALL the time.

Apple cider orchard punch.

This bubbly, sparkling punch has aperol and prosecco! It’s like a giant aperol spritz punch, for fall.

Pumpkin sangria.

Pumpkin sangria is seriously good. This uses my pumpkin pie syrup, pinot grigio and apple cider to bring fall flavors to life.

Smoked maple old fashioned.

This smoky maple whiskey over ice is the epitome of fall.

Caramel apple hot toddy.

Hot and warming and caramely? Sign me up.

Cider beer sangria.

I live for a good sangria. Everyone goes wild over this one!

Pomegranate cider mimosas.

These mimosas are perfect for a fall weekend brunch… or happy hour.

Apple cider prosecco spritz.

An autumn version of my favorite aperol spritz. Cider, prosecco and aperol make this amazing.

Honeycrisp crush.

Like the classic orange crush for summer… but with honeycrisps!

Or a honeycrisp old fashioned.

Love this apple-y whisky over ice.

Pomegranate shandy.

It’s super easy to make your own autumn shandy. Grab some pomegranate juice and you’re good to go.

Caramel apple old fashioned.

Shaken over ice, the cider caramel is what MAKES this drink.

Apple cider shandy.

Just like the pomegranate, but with apple cider. Another one of my favorites.

Maple honeycrisp margaritas.

Like my classic cider margaritas, but with a hint of maple. These ones are so good.

Apple bourbon fizz.

This cocktail mixed apple butter and bourbon for and incredible fall flavor.

And finally, make a pumpkin beer cooler! It’s a fun way to entertain and store some beers or a bottle of prosecco.