[almost] Wordless Wednesday: My Most Hated Chore.

With everything else we can do in this world, there still is not a dishwasher that can unload itself? Seriously.  

That Lunch I Ate Yesterday.

It was delicious. See, I have a little bit of a thing for tuna. When I was little my mom used to hard boil eggs and make some delicious tuna salad....

It’s Monday.

I dropped this mess on the carpet in the living room. I know. Why was this even in the living room? I don’t know. I watched Sopranos. I still can’t get...

One Thing My Mom Taught Me.

Having four pounds of butter in your fridge at all times is a good idea. She also taught me this stuff. Oh! And this. She was definitely right about that.

Half Baked.

Ummm… I’m in a massive chocolate peanut butter coma. And I didn’t even eat anything that you’re about to see below. My sheer presence around these goodies has me in said...


1. I pronounce Wednesday just like that. And I also say qui-noh-ah.   2. In the last week, I’ve broken 3 glasses that I love and my favorite vase. What does...

New Snack Obsession.

If I could find a way to snort or inject these directly into my bloodstream, I totally would. Deee. Lish.