Tuesday Things.

1. I did something really dumb. I dipped a pretzel in the Trader Joe’s salted caramel. I don’t even like pretzels. Now all I have is a jar with pretzels sticks...

The Weekend.

I’m happy.

My I’m-Secretly-60-Years-Old Summer Playlist.

  Now please excuse me while I go remove my dentures and put on my housecoat.

Tuesday Things.

1. I am insanely enamored with every swimsuit from Anthropologie.  I think they are the epitome of class. I really want this one. But I really want this one. And this....

I Exercised Today.

My baking muscle got one heck of a workout.

Babies Like Cupcakes.

So. My BFF had a baby today! I did what any normal person would do and baked cupcakes. You tweeted me excellent treat ideas this morning, but I stuck with good...

Tuesday Things.

1. I’m obsessed with your summer love stories. 2. I’m obsessed with you on Facebook and Twitter too. You told me it was okay to eat ice cream for dinner. You’re...